Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have EFTPOS?

We welcome EFTPOS payments for your accommodation, but we do not accept AMEX. There is a minimum $10 purchase on your card, so bring some cash for small purchases.

Do you have Gluten free bases for Pizzas?

We often have Gluten free bases, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Can we bring the kids bikes & scooters?

We love to see the kids riding around but they must be wearing a helmet. We also have trikes for hire.

When are your peak periods?

Most school holiday periods are peak, as well as Easter. Winter is also a peak period. Rates can be higher and often minimum stays apply. Give us a call to see if you need to book and find out what the rates are.

Can we have 2 cars on our site?

We only allow 1 car per site. Your second car will need to be left in the car park.

Is there room for a boat?

Most of our sites and cabins have enough room for a boat. We suggest you tell us if you are bringing a boat and the size so we can make sure we find a great site for you.

Can we have 10 people on a site?

Sites and cabins are restricted to a maximum number of people. On a site, generally one family in one tent or van is allowed. We want all our guests to be comfortable for their stay.

Can we choose a site?

We can note your preference but we can’t guarantee certain sites during peak periods. When it is quiet, we encourage you to choose a site, particularly if you are here for a while.

Is your water drinkable?

Our water is bore water but it should be bottled it is that good! People sometimes say it has a funny taste but it is practically pure rain water filtered by lots of lovely sand. It tastes funny because it is unlike city water that has chemicals added!

Do the cabins have ovens?

Who wants to cook while they are on holidays? None of our cabins have ovens but they all have microwaves. Don’t forget about our Diner and our pizza night might also save the hassle of cooking!

Do you sell crab pot bait?

We ask that people freeze their frames in our bait freezer. It saves our bins getting stinky. Those frames are given away for crab pot bait.

Do you sell cigarettes?

No, so make sure you are organised, or just give up while you are here!

How is phone reception?

Optus reception is sensational, thanks to a tower very close by. Telstra reception is patchy but better as you get closer to the beach.
Free Wi-Fi is available to park guests. Ask for the code on check in.

Does your 10pm curfew apply every night?

It sure does. We want everyone to have a great holiday and not have it spoilt by someone that is very inconsiderate. If this doesn’t work for you, we recommend heading to the beach where you can not disturb anyone.

How far are you from the nearest shops?

Proserpine and Cannonvale are about 20 minutes by car. You will get all your supplies there. We do sell bread, milk, fuel, alcohol, ice, hot food and lots of general groceries that you may have forgotten or have run out of.